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Natboo Manifesto

words that we live by.

Live. Live gratefully, passionately, lovingly, compassionately, wisely, humbly, and curiously.

#1 Respect the Earth- everything beautiful about life is sustained by Mother Earth. Take care of her, and she'll take care of you.

#2 Travel- our world is full of wonders you haven't seen, food you've never tried, trails you haven't hiked on, paths you haven't passed, amazing people you haven't met, and new things you never knew would change your life. Travel as often as you can afford, and take lots of photographs.

#3 Master the balancing-act - Balance beautifully. You can be kind without being a pushover. You can be respectful without being submissive, you can be generous without letting other people take advantage of you, you can be assertive without being aggressive. You can do what you like to do, and do it often, without hurting or disadvantaging other people.

#4 Find LOVE- love makes the world goes round. Surround yourself with people who love you, people you love. Be a vessel of love. Love is a positive energy. It will fuel you, and sustain you in the most difficult times.

#5 Find (and hold on to) what makes you happy- If your friends don't make you a better person, they are not your friends. If your work is overwhelming you and causing a lot of mental and physical stress, find one you can enjoy. If you don't like something, try to change it, if you cannot change it- then learn to accept it, if you cannot accept it- then it's time to leave it or let it go. Life is too short to struggle over these things.

#6 Find what centers you- No person is an Island, but a little peace and quiet is sometimes needed to re-calibrate ourselves. Find what brings you peace. If you believe in a higher anchor, take a quiet time to pray.  If it's reading a book- spare an hour or two for yourself to do so every week, if it's meditating- find time to meditate even for 5 minutes at work. For others- perhaps it's sitting in a park, or enjoying dinner out by yourself.

#7 Celebrate Diversity- Know it. Embrace it. Celebrate it! Tolerating or embracing diversity alone is not enough. Differences are what make life so exciting! We can learn so much from those who are different than us, usually about how we are not that much different after all. 

#8 Practice Gratitude- No matter how difficult your day may seem, there's always something to be thankful for. Make it a habit to say your gratitudes. Take a deep breath, and think of your gratitude list on exhale. How do you feel now?

#9 Pay it forward- In giving, you are actually receiving. One of our favorite quotes by Winston Churchill says it all, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give".

Life is too short to be negative, to sulk, to wonder about what-ifs, to dream without doing. Live it! Live it gratefully, passionately, lovingly, compassionately, wisely, humbly, and curiously.


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