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If you have any question, feedback, or comment about Natboo Biodegradable Toothbrush,  or would just like to say "hello!", please send us a message below. If a reply is needed, we will get back to you within 1 business day. We are accepting B2B orders for retail/ resellers. If you are interested in B2B pricing, please reach out to us.

Have a wonderful, productive, and meaningful day!

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We love questions, compliments, and feedback!

Questions and Ideas

Do you have questions about our brand? Or maybe ideas on new toothbrush shapes, new types of bristles, or new products that you'd like to see from Natboo? Go ahead and send us a message!


Do you love our colors? Do you enjoy using our toothbrush and holding its ergonomic handle in your hand? Is Natboo the best toothbrush you've had? We LOVE to hear your comments and compliments!


Good feedback or constructive criticisms- we take both with open hearts! Good feedback always give us that warm tingly feeling, and a confirmation of what we are doing right, while constructive criticisms will help us improve!


Are you a retailer or a small local shop looking to buy wholesale from us for reselling purposes? Tell us a bit about your shop, the quantity you are looking to stock, and we can find out if we would be a good fit! We have a special rate for you!

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