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Giving back to the world


Our community is at the very core of our giving-back programs. We work with local organizations to channel a portion of our profit and packs of Natboo toothbrushes (see our One-Brush-for-One program) to help fulfill the need of local homeless shelters, especially those with homeless children. We also work with non-profit organizations advocating for children's welfare, women issues, environmental issues, and education. We rotate organizations quarterly. For more information about our giving back programs, or to inquire if your organization could benefit from our giving-back program, please reach out to us through our contact form, or send us an email to

One Brush for One

Our One Brush for One program pledges one toothbrush, for a person who cannot afford to buy a toothbrush (primarily homeless children), for every toothbrush that you purchase. We are currently implementing this program locally in Oakland,CA. But as we expand our charity network, we will be expanding statewide, and eventually nationally. Helping your local community  is as simple as purchasing a Natboo toothbrush.


Do you feel called to do something more for the world? For the needy? for the environment? for your community? You can do so by purchasing Natboo Toothbrushes in our Sponsorship Bulk Amounts. Whether you are an engaged couple thinking about including our toothbrushes in your wedding favors, or a company who'd like to give away our toothbrushes to your staff or your clients- we would love to work with you. You can choose to contribute through our One Brush for One program, or to give through a portion of our profits from your purchase to an organization we are working with. We can personalize the toothbrushes with your names, company name, or a slogan. Please visit our Personalisation + Co-Branding page for detail.

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